Life Series Pro S

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Dimension (m) : W1100*D900*H2200 (Weight 200 kg.)

Special Material :

- 6063-T5 aviation aluminum door frame

- Overall cladding technology-sound-insulation cloth

- Support by 15+15mm carbon polymer panels & steel frame at the bottom

- Equipped with movable wheels load-bearing 120kg

Qty : For 1 People

USB 3.0 : 1 channel

Sound reduce volume : 30dB

Socket (Rated voltage 100-240V) : 1

Exhaust system : 1 turbo fan

Power consumption : 7W

Circulating air volume : 125m3/h

Motion censor : Included

Formaldehyde : I ≤0.08(mg/m3)

TVOC  : I ≤0.5(mg/m3)

Benzene : Not detected

LED Light : LED Ambient Light +Philips desk lamp

Furniture : Table and chair

Color Option : Hazel, Cloud, Storm, Taffy, Mint, Southsea

Smart Lock : no

Conference : no

Air conditioner : no



The world's leading brands choose ZOUND POD.

Life Series

Phone Booth or meeting room for 1  person, with furniture.

Safer Booth

made of recycled carbon polymer panels No Wood or Glue: Recycled materials about ≥180kg (12m²/0.66m³) each Formaldehyde Free

Easier Installation

Modular Design 1 Fastener Locking 3 Hour Assemble 6 Side Installation Easy install with instructions.

More Durable Booths

Aerospace-grade aluminum Anti-Fouling: Easy to clean, not easy to leave hard-to-wipe stains. Anti-Oxidation: extremely resistant to corrosion, crucial in maintaining the safety and usage life of silence booth structure for long term.

Quieter Booth

STC 30dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s) Maintaining a environment that is good for employees to concentrate on working, thinking, reading is vital for open offices.

6 Different Color

6 different color and pod furniture for your options, and other panel customization provided.