Moveable Zound Pod “Install within Hours not Day’



Quality Management System Certifcation


Environmental Management System Certification


Occupational Health And Safety Management System Certification


ASTM E84-19a 

Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials


BS EN 12150-1:2015

Glass in building – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass



Measurement of Room Acoustic Parameters


ISO 14067: 2018

Greenhouse gases-Carbon footprint of products-Requirements and guidelines for quantification


Testing Result Harmless

safe material usage

The ventilation system of our booth with its great ventilation characteristics, has tested

Formaldehyde ≤0.02 (mg/m³)
Benzene (ND)
TV0C ≤0.04 (mg/m³)

Environmental Friendly

Testing Result More Comfortable

high efficiency ventilation system

Ventilation system of our booths verified by worldwide professional air ventilation system manufacturer Daikin Industries, Ltd., meets Daikin's ventilation standard.

Daikin Verified

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