Indoor Series Size 2XL

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Special material:
- Recycled carbon polymer
- Aerospace grade aluminium frame
- Acoustic polyester fiber
- Tempered glasses
W3.0 x D4.286 x H2.3 m.
Capacity: For 8 person
USB 3.0: 4 Channel
Sound reduce volume: 30dB
Socket (Rated voltage 100-240 V): 2
Wireless Charge: Included
Exhaust system:
4 Turbo fans
Power consumption: 227W
Circulating air volume: 250m3/h
Motion censor: Included
LED Light: 4000K long lamp
+ LED Ambient Light
Furniture: Table and chair



The world's leading brands choose ZOUND POD.

Zoom rooms, meeting rooms, phone booths

ZOUND POD , the highest in acoustic technology designed in portable meeting rooms, zoom rooms, and phone booths. Promoting functional, inspirational, creative, and productive working enviionments.

Safer Booth

made of recycled carbon polymer panels No Wood or Glue: Recycled materials about ≥180kg (12m²/0.66m³) each Formaldehyde Free: Grade B Fire Retardant, Waterproof

Easier Installation

Modular Design 1 Fastener Locking 3 Hour Assemble 6 Side Installation Easy install with instructions.

More Durable Booths

Aerospace-grade aluminum Anti-Fouling: Easy to clean, not easy to leave hard-to-wipe stains. Anti-Oxidation: extremely resistant to corrosion, crucial in maintaining the safety and usage life of silence booth structure for long term.

Quieter Booth

STC 30dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s) Maintaining a environment that is good for employees to concentrate on working, thinking, reading is vital for open offices.

6 Different Color

6 different color and pod furniture for your options, and other panel customization provided.