Make it privacy.

We have designed a perfect silence booth by Acoustic Engineer. Modern design for every environment with mutifunction.


The world's leading brands choose ZOUND POD.

Bringing creative, productive work environments back again!


Zound sells direct from factory to business, making extra room in the budget without compromising quality


Unlike traditional constructions, our purpose-built Pods were designed to adapt to your workspace and can easily be positioned in various places throughout your office, or in an entirely new location.

Time saving

Thoughtful design ensures simple installation in a few hours or less. Either installed by our team of fully insured proffesionals or install via in house guided by clear instructions and online videos.

No Renovation Needed

The breakthrough in product design & process means you pay less for the same results.

Plug & Play Installation

Our revolutionary product design allows you to move the panels anywhere you wish. Carefree!

Hearing Protection

We specialise in architectural acoustic environments, construction, and industrial noise control. Acoustic environmental safety technology and solutions.